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TZUMTZUM is a ground transport aggregator. First conceived in 2012, tzumtzum solution not only provides an alternative to already existing solutions for rider, taxi supplier ease but also creates an avenue for people with interest in digital business to earn money as brokers.Our bespoke system allows companies to partner with us to have their own brand, website and coverage area of interest with targeted advertising across all major search engines.Tzumtzum supports taxi service companies and providers, providing corporate and private car hire,Removals vehicles on both long distance or local comuter service.



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Taxi Company End Features

Company Admin Login / Logout Statistical Dashboard Assign Roles (Providing access) Add / Manage Dispatchers - Operational Booking Add / Manage Vehicle Category Add / Manage Color [ Taxi ] Add / Manage Cars Add / Manage Driver Add / Manage Customer Manage Taxi Fares Manage Taxes

Dispatcher Back End Features

Dispatcher Login / Logout Statistical Dashboard Track Driver's current location Track Driver's Status [ Offline, Online, Operation, Breakdown ] Can Add Passenger Accept Phone Call Ordering [ Dispatcher can add trip for a passenger by providing pickup & Drop location] Set Alarm for Drivers in case of scheduled trips Accept Round Trips - Passengers can book a taxi for daily - Monday to Friday and same time. Dispatch the rides manually Trip History

Driver App

Get booking confirmation. Customer Details on booking confirmation. Start Booking, End Booking, Manage Booking. Order Management, Price Management, Order Cancellation.

Taxi Booking Web Application

Create an admin panel to manage whole system. On-boarding of cab drivers, documents upload facility, license management. Car to GPS, Car to cab mapping development. Booking Management, Customer Location Tracking. Customer Live Status, Customer Booking History, Customer Order Cancellation / Edit/ Creation. Cabs Management - history, document record, insurance documents etc. Integrate GPS technology.

White Label solution

Web Brower compatible & App based booking Engine Entirely on your own domain name and brand User admin panel, Driver or Supplier admin panel Set your pricing rules to provide customer quote based on price variation rules you have set

Customer/Rider App

Search Cab Nearby. GPS tracking implementation. Book, Cancel, Edit Cab Order. Ride Estimates, Location Estimates, Cab Estimates. Select Types of cabs, schedule time, book now facilities. Online payment.

Vehicle / Fleet Management Service

If you are into taxi business or trying to start a taxi /Private hire business you have a lot to benefit from us. If you’re looking for a reputable, reliable and cost-efficient company to help you manage the day to day running of your vehicle then you have come to the right website. We can take the hassle away from you with our strategic application of human and technology resources. We manage from one vehicle top a Thausand vehicle. Why not contact us to speak to one of our consultants about your transport business management needs. Take advantage of our technology also for your long-distance transport business!


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"Being able to speak with the allocated driver was very re assuring Thank you guys."

- Krin Fox

"Pre booking service gave me a great relief, Thanks alot."

- Theodore Willis

"I am glad I used one of your providers on my first ever visit to Nigeria, the phone support was very good."

- Ricky Grant


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